Each pair of glasses are handcrafted in a studio in Cambridge, a bespoke technological approach to craftsmanship. Using 3D face scanning and computer aided design as an approach to widen the sunglasses manufacturing industry and open boundaries within monopolized industry.


The process of creation is akin to jewelry making, casting the frames in 2 piece molds. Made from scratch the process can take up to two days to finish. Gold, silver, platinum and rose gold foils make up styles three, five, seven and nine from the collection, which will run in limited number of 30 pairs per design.



Whereas The Butterfly collection combines the natural world and technology with graphic butterfly wing cutouts encased in resin. The butterflies have been sourced and died naturally, freezing the beauty of life in time. Memento mori: art of the dying.


The brand ethos is a playful attempt to invent and innovate. Youthful and creative, the designs are for the experimental among us. Wanting to stand out among the crowd. Every aspect from concept to creation is unique and will create bold designs that are never alike.